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LiveUp 2 in 1 Massager and Exercise Wheel LS9035


LiveUp AB VHEEL LS9035 roller for exercise and massage will afford you both exhausting training and a pleasant massage when you need it!

It will prepare the body and warm up the muscles before you start training, increase blood circulation, and also relax stiff and cramped muscles after hard training.

Thanks to its design, it fits easily in the hand and is easy to use. 

This is an effective simulator for strengthening muscles, relieving tension and relaxing muscles after training, and especially precisely hits the abdominal muscles and the muscles of the back, shoulder girdle, chest, arms, buttocks and hips.

The versatile and multi-purpose exercise roller consists of double wheels – diameter 18 cm. The embossed surface of the wheels allows them to slide smoothly on the floor surface, and for a secure grip, the handles are made of anti-slip material and have finger grooves.

The 2in1 fitness device is suitable for beginners and advanced athletes, as well as for manual massage.

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Brand: LiveUp
Model code: LS9035
Category: Fitness supplements
The color: Orange
Material: Polypropylene
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