Table Tennis Racket DONIC LEVEL 500 Waldner 723062

Board material: multilayer wood. Lining material: rubber. Handle shape: tapered. Purpose: for playing table tennis. Table tennis is an exciting and dynamic sport that promotes health and develops endurance, accuracy and general motor skills. The right racket will give you a lot of pleasure at the table tennis and will increase your skill level. The DONIC LEVEL 500 racket is ideal for beginners. It has an excellent ball control indicator and is also capable of giving it good speed. You can use the racket both during training and at competitions, regardless of where they take place, be it a gym or an open area. Description The base of the racket consists of 5 layers of high quality veneer of different types of wood, glued together using high temperature and pressure. This provides the racket with extreme resistance to moisture and mechanical damage. Due to the different thickness of the layers, the ball evenly bounces off any point of the blade. The base is glued with a cover consisting of high quality rubber and a sponge with a thickness of 1.8 mm. This provides basic rotation, speed and excellent ball control. Due to the conical shape of the handle, it is easy and simple for the user to hold the racket, while he practically does not strain the hand and does not overwork it during the game. Advantages: High quality workmanship provides the racket with durability even with very intensive use. Can be used during training and competition both indoors and outdoors. With excellent quality, the racket belongs to the budget price range.

Product type: Ping Pong Paddles

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